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Things don't always necessarily go to plan!

We recently had a call from a client working in Chelmsford saying that they had a slight problem. On arriving on site we found our 5 tonne Mini Excavator and 3 tonne Swivel Skip Dumper perched precariously at a 45 degree angle in a trench!

Fortunately with a helping hand from Vince Henderson of V A Henderson Transport and his amazing Crane Lorry the situation was quickly rectified, with no damage to either machine or more importantly either operator, apart from them possibly being slightly red faced!


This incident was a few years ago now and happened on Rainham Marshes in Essex. The operator was told the boggy area was only a few feet deep, oops!

Fortunately again the operator was perfectly ok and once the machine was dragged out by a CAT D8 it was returned to our hire fleet, after it has to be said some substantial repairs undertaken by our workshops.

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